Comment Utiliser une fontaine de chocolat -
Comment  Utiliser une fontaine de chocolat

Comment Utiliser une fontaine de chocolat

Place the fountain on a tablecloth. Soaking food in a melted chocolate fountain can be a quick way to put it anywhere. To avoid chocolate drops and splashes getting on the table, cover the table with a tablecloth. Use a dark tablecloth so that the falling chocolate is not visible.

Comment démarrer une fontaine de chocolat ?

Comment démarrer une fontaine de chocolat ?
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Pour the melted chocolate into the container at the bottom of the well and turn on the device. The chocolate will work its way up the auger and down the sides of the well to the bottom. Ceci pourrez vous intéresser : Comment Préparer de la crème glacée sans crème épaisse. Once in the container, the chocolate is drawn into the worm and repeats the X-source search cycle.

How do I clean a chocolate fountain? MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Before cleaning, pull the power plug and wait until the device has cooled down completely. 1. Wash the tower, spiral in hot water, rinse and dry the container, pour in the remaining chocolate and wipe it with a damp sponge.

How do you use a chocolate fountain? Carefully pour the melted chocolate into the tower bowl. The melted chocolate is then pulled under the tower and then through the screw. The chocolate should then start to flow from the top of the tower to the bottom underneath, and so on. The arrows are used to raise or lower the temperature.

Which chocolate for a chocolate fountain? So that the chocolate falls in beautiful cascades onto the cups of your fountain, you prefer chocolate couverture. It is a very good quality chocolate that is used by chocolate makers and pastry chefs. Made from cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and powdered milk, it contains at least 31% cocoa.

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